New Locks Installation
Gastonia, Nc

New Locks Installation

Deadbolts add a lot of extra protection to your home. All entrance and exterior doors are vulnerable without deadbolts, as standard locking doorknob locks can easily be compromised. Deadbolts operate a lot differently than the locking mechanism inside a doorknob. A deadbolt has a steel bolt that locks into a strike plate that is securely attached to the door jamb. This adds an extra level of protection to your door and will help deter possible break-ins. Call us to find out about what type of locks will work best to protect your home, and about our new lock installs.

Our lock fitting experts have the skill needed to deal with any type of new lock installation Service. From common installation of door locks to whole door entry systems installation we do our best. Our advanced locksmiths will always use modern tools in order to work smoothly and do a satisfactory job. Our locksmiths will also help you choose what lock is ideally fitted to your door. Modern locks are not easy to use they need special care and precise knowledge. There are many instances when you need to install new locks.

How Our Locksmith Does New locks installation Services:-

Assess the needs: Before installing new locks, our locksmith assesses your security needs. Our locksmith comes to know what kind of locks will provide the best level of security and what areas you need to be secured.

Remove the old locks: Before installing new locks, the old locks must be removed. This may involve removing screws, taking apart the lock mechanism, and removing the old lock from the door.

Install the new locks: Once the old locks have been removed, the new locks can be installed. This may implicate drilling new holes in the door, inserting the lock mechanism, and securing the lock in place.

Test the locks: After the new locks have been installed, we tested them to make sure they are functioning properly. This may involve testing the lock from both the inside and outside of the door, as well as testing any electronic components.