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J & A Locksmith is a fully bonded, insured and licensed locksmith in Gastonia NC. As opposed to our competitors, we take a new approach in the locksmith industry by providing upfront costs for every locksmith service without any hidden fees.

Our locksmiths have state of the art equipment for every locksmith situation that may arise. We keep all of our mobile locksmith vehicles fully stocked with everything needed for any job. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction for every customer, because we know a happy customer means a repeat customer.

Why a licened locksmith?

All licensed locksmiths in North Carolina must undergo a criminal history background check through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to be evaluated on an individual basis. By dealing with a licensed locksmith, you won't be letting a possible criminal or shady individual into your home, office or vehicle.

Always avoid locksmiths who insist on cash payments and answer the phone using generic phrases like "locksmith" or "Service" instead of the actual business name.

Residential Locksmith services for your home

We all want to keep our home and family safe, and the front door is your first line of defense. Thieves typically target the most commonly used entry point of a home to gain access to your residence. A dead bolt installation will ward off possible intrusions into your home by strengthening your door security. We install the deadbolt by drilling a new hole either above or below the doorknob depending on your configuration. You should have a locksmith install the deadbolt as we carry all of the necessary tools for the job and we will be able to do the installation without causing any damage to the door.
Over time as the lock begins to age, the pins inside the lock cylinder start to wear and breakdown causing your key to stick. This forces you to have to "wiggle or jiggle" the key in order to make the lock work. It is possible the keys you are using are copies of copies, this combined with pin wear will cause your lock to stick and not function properly. One of our rekey locksmith technicians can replace those worn pins and make you a new set of keys or replace the lock cylinder if needed.
Do you need a new key for a lock? If you currently do not have a key for your lock, our locksmiths will be able to remove and take the lock apart. We use a specialized tool to measure the pins inside the lock cylinder allowing us to make new keys for locks without needing the original key. Another option is to have your locks rekeyed. This would be the best option if you lost or had your keys stolen and want to ensure no one other than you will be able to gain access to you home.
Deadbolts add a lot of extra protection for your home. All entrance and exterior doors are vulnerable without deadbolts, as a standard locking doorknob locks can easily be compromised. Deadbolts operate a lot differently than the locking mechanism inside of a doorknob. A deadbolt has a steel bolt that locks into a strike plate that is securely attached to the door jamb. This adds an extra level of protection to your door and will help deter possible break ins. Call us to find out about what type of locks will work best to protect your home, and about our new lock installs.
Having your locks rekeyed involves replacing the inner components of a lock so it will work with a new key. After a lock rekey, all old keys will no longer work. Rekeying locks is an inexpensive way to keep your house safe and secure from unwanted entry by using the same locks but with new keys, as opposed to having to replace all of your locks with new ones. Call today to learn more about our residential lock rekeying service. We also offer master keying which allows you to access multiple locks using one master key instead of using multiple keys to open different locks.
So you closed the door but forgot to grab your keys. It happens quite often to a lot of people, in fact is happens so often, residential lockouts are the number one call for locksmiths. We know how frustrating being locked out of your home can be so our residential lockout locksmith will make your call a priority to get you back in your home as quickly as possible. There are three options for residential door unlocking: (1) Picking the lock - using special tools that a locksmith has been expertly trained to use. (2) Bumping - this is where a special key known as a bump key is made to unlock the door. (3) Drilling the lock - this is usually a last resort option which will depend on the type of lock you have. If this is an emergency lockout, please call us for a quicker response.
If you are having issues with your current locks, it may be time for a lock repair. Before we can determine whether your locks can be repaired, we will need to assess the current state of your locks. For some locks depending on their condition, it's usually a faulty pin or a bad lock cylinder which are components inside of the lock that can easily be replaced without needing to replace the entire lock. If your lock is broken beyond repair, one of our locksmith technician will be able to help you pick out new locks that will meet your needs and budget. Call us today and to find out more about our broken lock repair service.
Do you have way too many keys each for different locks in your house? Most locks from the same manufacturer can be re keyed so one key fits all. This will allow you to replace all those keys with just one single key. Our rekey locksmith can rekey a deadbolt or doorknob in no time at all. Ask about our other lock rekeying options like masterkeying which will allow one key access to specific locks, while the master key will allow access to all locks.
Lost mailbox key? not to worry, our mailbox locksmith will be able to open your mailbox so you can gain access to you mail. Our locksmiths have the experience and proper tools to remove your mailbox lock and replace it. We will then create a new mailbox key along with a duplicate mailbox key so you will have a backup mailbox key just in case. You do not need to contact the post office as they will still have a master to key to access your mailbox. If you need a new mailbox key or mailbox lock just give us call.
We treat all emergency lockouts as a priority call. Depending on your location in proximity to one of our mobile locksmiths, it will typically take 15 to 25 minutes for our locksmith to arrive at your location. No need to worry about the type of lock you have, we have all of the necessary tools and hardware to get you back into your home. After assessing what type of lock you have, we will either be able to pick the lock or replace the lock with a new one. Since this is an emergency home lockout, please contact us by phone so we will be able to respond faster.
We understand that evictions can be stressful for both parties so we know how tense these situations can get. In addition to our locksmith eviction service, we can also have a sheriff meet us at your location to calm the situation just in case things get heated. Just mention that you require a sheriff lockout and we will make the call for you. Once we arrive at you location, we will rekey all of your locks so any old keys will no longer allow access to your property. Call today for one of our eviction locksmith technicians and if this is an emergency situation, please call us for faster service.

Automotive Locksmith services for a car, truck or SUV

Misplaced or lost car keys? Hey its happens to all of us at one point. Not to worry, we have a car key replacement locksmith ready to get you back into your car or vehicle. We can replace transponder keys, VATS and chip keys for just about every make and model vehicle on the road. So if you need replacement car keys, or duplicate car keys we are here to help.
Most newer vehicles use transponder keys, a transponder key uses a unique code that is programmed to match the same code in the car's computer. Our mobile automotive locksmiths carry all of the necessary tools and electronics needed to program transponder keys for just about any car on the road. So if you need a new transponder key, transponder key programming or a duplicate transponder key, we are here and ready to help.
Chip key programming requires two working keys, and involves a specific process of turning the key position as well as turning on and off different components in your vehicle. Each type of vehicle has its own key programming method and pattern that will need to be repeated a number of times. For some vehicles, you will need certain electronics that only a locksmith will have available. If you need a chip key programmed for your vehicle, our locksmiths are familiar with all make and models for chip key reprogramming.
Locked out of car and need your car door unlocked? Our mobile car lockout locksmith can be at your location within 15 to 25 minutes anywhere in the Gastonia area, please keep in mind that in bad traffic conditions it may take a little longer. Typically our car lockout service will take anywhere around 5 to 10 minutes to get you back into your car. With that said, each car is different and depending on the security and type of locking mechanism on your vehicle might require additional work. Our lockout locksmith technicians are well trained and have experience working on all types of vehicles, so rest assured we will get you back in your car without causing any damage to your vehicle. If this is an emergency car lockout, please call us for faster service and so we can make your call a priority.
Need a new set of car keys? Our automotive locksmiths can make you a new car key even if you do not have the original car key. For most modern cars we can use the VIN number to cut a new key as well as program a key fob. A locksmith can make new car keys at a much cheaper price than a dealership can and since our locksmiths are mobile, we can come to you. Give us a call for more information on new car keys, car key replacement and duplicate car keys.
Car key broke off in the ignition? Not to worry, our broken key removal locksmith service is just a call away. You can attempt to take the broken key out of the ignition yourself however we strongly advise against it. While trying to remove a broken key yourself, you may end up pushing the key further into the ignition which will make it even more difficult to remove and possibly cause damage to the ignition at the same time. It is best to let a professional locksmith remove a broken key as we have a lot of experience working with car ignitions for all types of vehicles. If this is an emergency situation, please call us for a faster response time.
If your car won't start, the culprit is usually a dead battery or bad ignition switch. If you have determined that the battery is still good then the next step is to have a ignition locksmith come out to inspect your ignition. If the ignition switch is bad, there will be no ignition spark which is responsible for starting the engine. We can easily run a test to confirm if this is the problem and In most cases we can perform an ignition repair. However If your ignition is beyond repair due to age or other electrical issues, the switch will need to be replaced and additional parts may be needed.
The smart key allows the driver to automatically unlock the doors just by walking up to the vehicle. And as long as you have the smart key with you, you can start the engine just by pressing the "engine start" button. If your smart key stopped working, it is usually one of two issues: (1) the smart key battery is dead, which means you will need a replacement smart key battery. (2) The smart key is broken which means you will need a locksmith to repair your smart key, or have your smart key replaced if it is too badly damaged. Whether you need a smart key repair, smart key replacement or just need a duplicate key for your car, our technicians are available and ready to help.
Our Automotive locksmith services are available for all models of the the following vehicle makes: Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, KIA, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, pontiac, Saturn, Sion, Toyota.

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