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In Charlotte, trust us for locksmith needs! We’re the reliable choice, providing expert services. Count on our trusted locksmith company for all your lock.


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For over two decades, J&A Locksmith has been serving the Charlotte, NC area with more than 20 years of experience, making us the best choice for your locksmith needs. Our family-owned and operated business is here to help with any lock-related situation. We give special attention to each case because we care about you. Emergencies can happen, and we want to make sure you have a spare key, change your lock, or get back inside if you’re locked out. We take pride in being security professionals, and our main goal is to provide you with peace of mind for your home or business. Our friendly staff is ready to help, and we have a wide range of security hardware to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for all your security needs.

Your safety is important to us, whether you’re at home or a commercial facility. Our locksmiths in Charlotte, NC are dedicated to providing reliable services, from new security systems to replacing old locks. We also offer emergency services, so you can always count on us when you need help quickly.

What Service We Offer

Our locksmiths provide a wide range of services to various industries each tailored to meet their specific needs.
Our services are likely in high demand among various industries and customers.

Automotive Locksmith

Getting locked out of your car can be a really stressful situation Read More..

Getting locked out of your car can be a really stressful situation that makes you feel nervous and worried. But don’t worry, our company is here to help! We offer the best services, not just during emergencies, but for all your car locksmith needs. Those who know about our company already know how we work – professionally and efficiently. When you’re stuck and need a car locksmith right away, you can’t wait around. That’s why you need our licensed professionals who not only do top-notch work but also understand the urgency of getting you back into your vehicle quickly. Trust us for quick and reliable assistance!
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Residential Locksmith

Need help with your home locks? Our Charlotte locksmith is here Read More..

Need help with your home locks? Our Charlotte locksmith is here for you, day or night! We want you to feel safe at home always. From fixing locks to putting in new ones, we do it all to keep your home secure. Our experts will find the perfect solution for you, without breaking the bank! If you think your locks are not safe or worry about a break-in, don’t wait. Call us now for advice and easy help. We’re friendly and ready to make your home safer. Read Less

Commercial Locksmith

We offer special lock services for businesses to keep them safe from break-ins Read More..

We offer special lock services for businesses to keep them safe from break-ins and other bad stuff. Usually, the locks that come with your business aren’t good enough to stop bad things from happening. But, if you get help from a really good locksmith who knows all about business locks, your place might stay safe. We know that every business is different and needs special locks. That’s why we work hard to make sure we meet all your needs. Our aim is to give you great service and protect your business. Read Less

Emergency Locksmith

When unexpected things happen, it’s smart to be ready. Our Locksmith Charlotte NC is here to help with emergencies involving your house locks. We’re your 24-hour locksmith in Charlotte, NC. Depend on us for top-quality lockout service to make your emergency easier. Our locksmith is ready any day, any time to answer your call. We’ll make sure you get back into your house with our home lockout service.

Trust us to handle your emergency locksmith needs with care and professionalism.

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If you need help with a lock at your home, office, or car, it’s a good idea to choose us to help you out. Our locksmiths are professionals that specialize in working with locks and keys. We have trained technicians who can help you with a variety of lock-related issues.


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