Make a Key for a Lock
Gastonia, Nc

Make a Key for a Lock

Do you need a new key for the lock? If you currently do not have a key for your lock, our locksmiths will be able to remove and take the lock apart. We use a specialized tool to measure the pins inside the lock cylinder allowing us to make new keys for locks without needing the original key. Another option is to have your locks rekeyed. This would be the best option if you lost or had your keys stolen and want to ensure no one other than you will be able to gain access to your home.

Our locksmiths are skilled professionals who specialize in locks and keys. When someone needs a key for a lock, they turn to our locksmith to create one. The process of making a key for a lock can vary depending on the type of lock and the key needed. Our locksmith may use specialized tools to examine the lock and create a duplicate key, or they may need to fashion a new key from scratch.

If you need a key made for a lock, the best option is to contact a professional locksmith company and J&A Locksmith is an ideal Choice. Here are the steps that our locksmith takes to make a key for a lock:

Identify The Type Of Lock: Our locksmith will first determine the type of lock you have, as different types of locks need different types of keys.

Get The Necessary Tools: We have identified the type of lock; we will get the necessary tools to make a key for that specific lock.

Take Measurements: Our locksmiths take precise measurements of the lock’s internal mechanisms in order to make a key that matches the lock’s unique specifications.

Cut The Key: Using the measurements taken, our locksmiths cut a key that fits the lock’s tumblers and operates the lock smoothly.

Test the Key: Once the key is cut, the locksmith will test it in the lock to make sure that it works properly.

Overall, calling our locksmith technician is a very good idea to make a key for your lock, as an improperly made key can damage the lock or cause it to malfunction.